Saturday, 1 January, 2011

Déjà vu

That strange feeling of familiarity, that veiled recognition of what I am going to say, the reactions, the sequence. Premonition reversed? You could say that. It does not let you predict future. At least for me, the feeling is an afterthought; "I've been through this before." A fleeting remark; An obscure passage; A passing scene; At the most unexpected of times, in situations with the most improbable chances of repeating, that feeling of weird familiarity washes over. Weird? yes. Eerie? no.

I say Déjà vu is God's own way of rewinding our lives. :) Why, you may ask? Well, I believe he wants to give us a good second chance. Grab it. Live it again.

The sabbatical of El Misti hereby ends. And I get a Déjà vu. I hope this was its last. :)


Jaggu said...

Woooooohoooo! \m/. You makeover-ed your blog! I like eet!

Deja vu's always freaked me out. It's like the future was in the past. But like you said it's bordering on split-second afterthought than a premonition. It's like a fraction of a second before, you know what's going to happen, what people are going to say.

Maybe it's a glitch in the system. :)

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! :)

GhosH said...

When mind traveled faster than body and combined with the argument that time is an illusion of mind.

Welcome Back :-)