Monday, 2 March, 2009

"How dare he call one of us a slumdog??"

"How dare he call one of us a slumdog??"

"Oh! But the story....where is it from???"
"Who cares, the matter is not his to judge!"

"Why but it swept the Oscars and Globes!"
"Bah! those are just capital plays!!"

"You mean to say the film is to blame?"
"Hmm...Ofcourse yes! It throws all the bad cues."

"But many of our people were at the world's stage!"
"Thats because they went and honoured that stage!"

"Isn't it a pleasure to have our men honoured?"
"Right but those sadists; laughing at our plight!"

"You think they really keep thinking about us??"
"Oh yes always yes. We are the real focus."

"What if one of us, had made this one up?"
"Might all these crowns, to Button, have gone!"

"So what really got us the fame and fortune?"
"Packaged poverty, beggars and more!"

"Isn't it all about love, hope and resolve??"
"The slums!! they keep showing those slums to the world!!"

"Isn't it a real picture, what truly is?"
"Why can't they show some good realities??"

"Reality? Now when did that start to matter?"
"Oh always we need to focus on real life!"

"Why then no uproar over K series?"
"What who.. Oh I... hmm.. don't have no time!"

"Don't you think the marketing's really what matters?"
"But see he shouldn't have called one of us a slumdog!!!!"