Thursday, 30 April, 2009

Go Green!!

The days after my siblings’ annual exams were over. My Sis has completed her 7th and Bro, his 4th standard.


"Heylo Jiyachuchy!!! Occasion, occasion!!"
[Well the etymology of this particular word, termed by my little sis, still looks very strange to me. Nevertheless, Occasion essentially means vacation, the summer hols.]

"So happy now, eh? How was the exam? Which one was it??"

"Malayalam. It was good! Yo yo!"

"So what plans sweetie?"

"I am starting Go Green."

"You are what?"

"Starting Go Green. You must join ok. Admission fee is Rs.2. Fine is Rs.10"

"Fine for what?"

"If you throw waste around, if you use non recyclable plastic bags, if you cut trees, if you stamp on grass..."

Background conversation to our housekeeper lady:
"chedathi, ini pipeile vellam leak cheythal patthu roopa fine vaangum ketto, go green!"
Translation: If you keep the pipe open and water leaks again, you will be fined for Rs.10.
I can only imagine chedathi's reaction: Gulp.

"Ok Ammu, What will you do with the fine?"

"With the fine? Oh, that we will collect.......

I'm so proud of my sister! How socially responsible today’s kids are....

...and divide among the other members!"

"What??? Aren’t you supposed to do something useful for the nature??"

"Then how will I get money for myself??"

Ok. Kids today are business oriented. Highly.

"Hmm Ok. So let’s see. Who all are the members yet?"

"Bro is already a member. njaan avanu nammude prasthanathe pattiyulla arivukal pakarnnu kodukkukayanu.

[Oops. Did she swallow a Malayalam dictionary?]

You are a member ok. You can be the vice president."

"No no Ammu, its ok. I'd rather be secretary. Make bro the VP."

"He doesn’t want to be VP. He just wants to be a dedicated worker."

Whoa!!!!! Are these my siblings themselves????? From the day both of them set eyes on each other, I have never seen such camaraderie.

"Great! So is mummy in??"

"You know what jiyachuchy!! Mummy is taking plastic bags to the shops every day!! I'll fine her ----- (an incomprehensible amount)!!"


"And then, she is forcing us to eat chicken and fish!! (I don't like where this is heading to...)
Nammal bhakshikkan vendi konnodukkunnathu karanam ethrayethra mrigangalum pakshimrigaadikalumaanennoo lokathil ninnum illathayi kondirikkunnathu!!!!"

Gulp. Dumbstruck. Partly dazed by this onslaught of heavy Malayalam and partly by the glaring possibility of being a Vegetarian.

"Er.... Athe Ammu, does that mean we have to be pure vegetarians too?????"

"Well I am going to be one. Bro has informed that he can't be. So it's OK."


"So what is the Agenda? Are we not having some action plan?"

"Of course yes. First thing I am going to do is stick posters on the walls."

"Er.....Which walls?"

"Colony walls."


"And then I'll start a community in Orkut."

"That sounds good. Hmm.. But don't you think the posters idea might be too much...?”

"Why not??"

"Well, the owners of the walls MAY not agree you see."

"Oh.. !@#!@#@$"

"Hmm.. Never mind. We'll distribute fliers. I feel so proud of you Ammucha! So what should I do next??"

"You have to ask all your friends to join too. AND ask them to suggest a Malayalam name. Once they join, I will give them ID cards. Ok then Jiyachuchy, Go Green!!"


Though I could not stop laughing that day, her enthu took me completely by surprise and I am still delighted.

So here we go.

Go Green!
Ammu aka my sister cordially invites you to join the Go Green
campaign by paying Rs.2 (Cheque/DD/Coin).
The manifesto is in the process of drafting and will be shared with you upon completion.
Interested members please contact the secretaries (yours truly) with suggestions of a malayalam name for the campaign.