Tuesday, 19 August, 2008

A Fork In The Road.

Turning back
On that distant road
All those times
Fetched far in time
Would I regret?
Or would I smile?
When time has flown
And my life is through....

The fork I’ll see,
The way I chose;
The lost way
Or gone astray?
Would I be glad?
Or would I cry?
I chose it right;
Or "Wish I had...”

Wishes and dreams
Pressing around...
But fulfill or give;
Mine or for mine;
Would I ever know?
Or is it right here?
When would I know?
Will it be too late?

Life and dreams
Are parting ways
Or blending in?
The view is hazed.
Amazing bloom
Or the barren doom
The moment I pass
This fork, will I see?

Here at that fork
I stand right now.
Flip a coin
Or blindly choose?
Would I be right?
Would I ever fret?
The help I seek
God, where shall I find..?


Renu Rebeca Varghese said...

The confused state of mind is beautifully portrayed. A common example used; yet, I would say, the best one.
The lines that you've jotted down form a lot that every person can relate to.
Time can be a solution, I guess. (Let's just say, experience is the best teacher! ;-))
With time, you'll find the haziness wearing off. But, the pain of being in a situation when you have everything blurred before you is inevitable. That phase has to pass through..You have to pull yourself through it! :-)
Waiting for the next post.......

Anonymous said...

Lovely.. exact phase I am in too :)

Anonymous said...

Echo to everything Renu said, though not sure about the time heals part..For me it looks like some wounds just get deeper with time or probably its just me, the pessimist :)

GhosH said...

Way words spoke out,
Your vexed state.

We dream,
Dreams proposes,
Life may dispose,
Our dreams,
They do part,
But parted do meet.

Never know,
What life has,
For your dreams,
In the path it lays,
A short cut,
Or better.

Never know,
Where it takes,
For this is life,
Without which,
It is mechanic, lifeless.

Filp a coin,
Or choose blindly,
But hold on,
To path it gives,
For it will take,
Where you want.

Anonymous said...

nice poem.. both u and ghosh!
quarter life crisis we all are in ..
albeit all responsibilities piling in we stand alone and think ... right or wrong.. to choose or not to...
but within this thought time wud have moved on ... for the greater good ...
God? -- u urself are!
help? -- within u alone! atleast given the power of choice u have...