Monday, 28 July, 2008

The Gang of Girls.

This is dedicated to five people.
Five people who have made my college days unforgettable.
The Gang of Girls. :)

"Hi I am Merin Susan George from TocH Public School...!"

The thickly accented girl immediately struck me as arrogant. A typical Jaada, I decided. But time proved me gravely wrong. One of the most innocent people I have ever known, she is now one of the closest people to me.

"Hey I am Parvati. What about you?? I and Merin were together in tuition classes you know. Merin, do you remember that day when Joseph sir was teaching blah blah and we started chatting and sir asked us to keep quiet or get out! I studied in Bhavans. It’s been a long vacation sort of after 12th right? What did you do...?? I got so bored!! And when I went to….Blah blah”

She was the chatterbox. With a big heart and an inversely proportionate stature, she invariably became the life of our class. :)

"Hi… What’s your name?"
"Annie. And yours?"

She was a bit aloof but pleasant. On that first day, I spent most the lunch break with her. All of us were scared of the seniors hovering around; so we confined ourselves to the supposed security of our classroom. Slowly we became friends and then friends, for a lifetime. She was the cautious one of the gang, the caretaker, the disciplinarian; but naughty when times demanded. :) Without her I don’t know what we would have done many a times. :)

"She is Sarah. She was the 12th topper in UAE!!!"

Wow! But I was very surprised by her. She was not at all like an NRI girl, or rather an NRI topper. :) Sarah could easily have passed off as a typical Malayali damsel. Quiet (at first sight), sweetly smiling, with an even sweeter voice. It took me a really long time to get to know her; but now I know I definitely wasted those days.

“Hey, you can sit here… I’m Elizabeth“

She was sitting alone on the first bench the next day. Chubby, pretty and smiling, the moment I saw her, I knew I had known her somewhere. It must have been those vibes you get when you meet those people who are going to be your lifelong fellow travellers. And she, thus, became my twin for many days to come in college.

All of us, except Sarah, were day scholars. So we have surely missed the hostel times. But there is no end to the fun we’ve had on our own. Hen parties, usually at Merin’s house, bearing her cooking ;) , Late night (flop) movies when we all would chat and then doze off halfway through, Window shopping sprees, Excursions, Photo sessions, Crank calls, Anonymous cards, KR treats, Combine studies, Birthday bashes…… Times I’ll never forget.

Things have changed.

But girls, I miss those days.

I miss you all.

[All Names are changed due to privacy issues :) ]


Anonymous said...

Nice one Jiya...

I couldn't identify the characters...though I guess the last description, I could relate someone to...

Am sure you miss all those days and your gang of girls a lot...
It was a sweet a small tribute to your college gang..

But hey, thats how things are...And isn't that why you have an even crazier gang of four girls around you who are double the nut-crack you our very own Rajkamal PG - girls who are willing to "COMMENCE" any "BIZARRE" things and "YELL" and put on a "GRIM" things which never "CEASE or ABORT" be it kaalarathri series or Rajkamal Ftv series :D

@who din't understand the last paragraph --> PG jokes... :)

jiYa said...

@Anu... I thought you'd identify the second one.. :D 'Parvati'..

N yep! Someday I'll start a Rajkamal gang of girls series and I'm sure one blog wouldn't be enough for it!! :D

Anonymous said...

Lovely..You could've included a memorable incident as well! :)

Reminds me of friends that I've gathered from all the 6 schools where I studied. With each one, its a different chemistry.

And since right now, all of us are in the process of settling down, we can't help it if we happen to lose touch with each other. :(

Sad...But, life has to move on...