Tuesday, 13 May, 2008

El Misti

Through the blanket of warm air,
I hear a rumbling noise
I do hear it all the time
Day and night, over and over.

It must be my thoughts, my secret chimera;
It doesn’t matter, it'll pass, it shall.

What do they say of the law that teaches,
You can stretch on till that breaking point?
What-ever it is, true it is.
For after that point everything breaks.

The rumbling was true not some reverie,
I did know, but did I? Guess not.

The lava gushes out.
It burns; it disgusts.
But had it another way?
Never would it know.

Those were my thoughts, my fears forever,
Finding no vent through my futile pretence.


GhosH said...

It is a beautiful one,the comparison, the way u presented it and the flow, beautiful.

Pinne chila vaakkukalude artham kandu pidikkan kurache kashta pettu.

Anonymous said...

i've always loved ur writing...i wish u'd do more n more of it...it's ur ability to create a whole world that shines thru ur works...keep this blog goin buddy... n i hope i still have the proof-readin job... ;-)

jiYa said...

@Ghosh n Buddyboo : Thanks to both f u... To ghoshettan for the inspiration.. n Buddy, for the proof-reading + inspiration.. :)