Wednesday, 23 April, 2008

Lonely ways

The way seems blurred,
But everyone says, 'Aint i there'.
The world seems cruel,
But all at once people care more.

Love redefined,
Care hidden no more..
Hidden intentions,
Words sugarcoated.

Dreams are shattered,
And ways parted.
Fear creeps in,
But smile you must.

A gust of wind sweeps away the leaves..
And a moment's twist, the sweet memories.
But something tells me, worry no more.
This is not the end, you must go forth.


Renu Rebeca Varghese said...

Seems a lot familiar..I've read this before. Probably, our lonely ways met..:P

jiYa said...

hehe.. They must have... After all a person uncannily resembling you read it first, months back.. :P

Anju said...

Darling....after reading lonely ways, i realized a major truth....we dnt need any major incident or event to write about...we can be eloquent of each and evrything happens around...Wonderful attempt and thanks a lot for the homely feeling provided !!!! Continue the gud work dear...

jiYa said...

Thank u anju.. :)
Well, while writing it, It never occured to me that many would be able to relate to the poem in their own ways.. Happy that it does.. :)

GhosH said...

ne oru puli yaanallo.. poem kidu aayittundallo.. keep going.

Its generic theme and so found it easy to relate it to lot of incidents.

Pinne ethine kuriche athigam comment cheyaan enikke vivaram onnum illa.

jiYa said...

Thanku thanku.. :)

Sheethu said...

rightly said must go on..and worry no more ! keep writing..i enjoyed reading your poem..waiting for the next :-)